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Useful Articles 

On this page you can find useful articles related to ownership of a condo, its maintenance and maximum enjoyment. 

A Little Maintenance Goes A Long Way

Home maintenance doesn’t need to be a pain. Part of the joy of condo living is taking the stress out of having to do a lot of upkeep. It really comes down to keeping track of the little things. Be proactive in keeping tabs on home appliances and home ventilation and...

Check Your Warranties

Speaking of warranty, make sure you read and follow the manufacturer instructions and warranties for all major appliances. Most appliances will have warranty registration cards or numbers you can send to the manufacturer or register online. Should you have any issues...

Basic Tips For Every Condo Owner

Between warranty coverage and designated home walk-throughs, you can save a lot on maintenance costs, but ultimately the hope is that there aren’t any significant issues to begin with. In order to help avoid long-term problems, let’s move on to some basic tips to...